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Ladies Motorcycle Leathers

ladies leathersWith the increase of women who are taking up motorcycle riding then new markets for fashionable, attractive ladies motorcycle leathers open up. Retailers are now supplying some fantastic womens motorcycle clothing that includes jackets, leathers, hemets, trousers and boots in all sizes such as small, medium and large (10, 12, 14, 16, 18).

When shopping for a pair of ladies motorcycle trousers, it’s best to look for the same features that you would in mens gear. This means a tight but comfortable fit, a high level of padding around the knees, and a simple, solid construction that creates a set of trousers that are relatively easy to take on and off, and can easily fit over motorcycle boots.

When picking a ladies motorcycle helmet, there are several major safety features to look for. With a massive range of helmets available for both genders, it’s occasionally OK to look at unisex helmet sizes, however many mens helmets are too large for women, and as a result fail to provide the necessary safety requirements.

Picking what pair of motorcycle gloves to buy ultimately depends on the type of riding that you’ll be doing most of. While almost all motorcycle gloves provide a base level of safety, many are designed for different purposes, riding styles and weather conditions.

Ladies motorcycle boots come in a wide range of different designs, sizes, and styles. Whatever their design, the purpose should always be to provide maximum protection to your feet and ankles, and prevent your feet from bending in the event of a crash.

Looking for some pink womens motorcycle jackets or maybe your other favourite colour then browse our stock of superb and fashionable ladies biker jackets.