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Motorcycle Armour

motorcycle protectionA sensible and affordable option is to buy some protection or body armour for yourself.
Safety motorcycle equipment includes back or spine protecors, shoulder pads, limb protectors and other forms of protective clothing such as neck roll collar and impact shorts. Choosing the best body armour could save your life or reduce serious damage to you in the event of an accident.

Knee guards and sliders are two different protective pieces that form essential protection for your knees and upper shins. While they’re built slightly differently and serve different purposes, both provide fantastic protection for your knees, and are essential for any riders that frequently ride at high speeds or for long distances.

Impact shorts offer a very high level of protection for your thighs and groin, and are a highly useful form of protective gear for motocross, adventure, and trials riders.

Purchasing a back protector can be a daunting prospect for any newbie motorcyclist. With the high quality of motorcycle protective gear available today, many people see it as an unnecessary expense that doesn’t add anything on top of a high quality protective jacket.

As one of the most respected and popular brands in the motorcycle protective gear and apparel industry, Aplinestars are world renowned for their level of quality, comfort and stylish looks. Combine this with their advanced engineering and design process, and you’re left with a company that’s known for creating some of the highest quality and most impressive body armour for motorcyclists.

Fox are a company that’s synonymous with extreme sports. With their extensive range of motocross, trail, and adventure style protective gear, Fox offer a product for every discipline and type of off-road riding, and have the reputation and quality level to back up their extensive product range.

Whether you need a flexible chest protector, high quality set of motocross boots, or just a full load out of elbow and knee protectors, EVS can meet your needs and provide you with some of the highest quality motocross protective gear on the market.

Thor are well known in motocross circles for their high quality, low cost, no-nonsense motocross protective gear. Offering some of the highest quality impact suits, chest protectors, arm and leg guards, and other protective body armour types, the company values design and protective capabilities above all else.

A legendary brand in the motocross field, SixSixOne have been offering high quality motocross body armour for long enough to have truly mastered the field. A favourite of many professional motocross and trail riders, the brand has become a key sponsor of many large scale motocross and trail riding events.

Body Armour is one of those products that can be divisive amongst motorcyclists. While many road bikers feel that body armour isn’t a necessity when you’re wearing full protective gear, many others swear by the use of extra body armour pieces. On the other hand, for serious off-road riders, body armour is considered essential for anything other than the most casual and low intensity riding.