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Motorcycle Boots

motorcycle bootsThere are several types of motorcycle boots which vary in protection and price. Leather, plastic and rubber boots are the choices for bikers. Leather boots offer the best protection but are not as waterproof as plastic or rubber motorcycle boots so it is important to consider your budget and which type you wish to buy.

If you would like a boot which is fantastic, restful, and well made, you should go for the ones launched by the Italian company, Alpinestars. They manufacture technical safety gear for motorcycles, auto racing, and even extreme sports.

An antibacterial mesh lining is what sets apart Frank Thomas Boots from the others. There is an anti-slip oil resistant sole and with a double-fluted steel shank. These boots are built with full grain leather.

If you would like a pair of boots to keep your feet warm and dry, easily slipped on, that you could brush when needed, and that you could wear out and still look good on that modern bike, you should try Hein Gericke boots.

Dainese boots are great for long trips on your bike or even just to go on a stroll with friends. You can keep wearing these boots all day without looking uncomfortable or out of place.

If you got waterproofing, Kevlar ankle protection, a non-slip sole, and a scotchlite reflective panel, there is nothing more could you ask for in a winter motorcycle boot. That’s why the RST Boot is for you! Every year, RST boots spends thousands of hours on design; building and testing the boots to ensure unmatched safety, value, comfort and durability.

A contoured shin plate is injected with high modulus PU in Tech Boots for a high level of impact and abrasion resistance. The extended inside and outside plate in Tech Boots guards the side and toe-box area of the boot.

Although not the best for water protection, the leather motorcycle boot offers first class protection and comfort ensuring the rider feels confident and at ease on the motorcycle.