Motorcycle Clothing Buying Tips

Having the right riding gear is an important element for motorcycle riders. What a motorcyclist wears is the only thing between them and the tar in the unfortunate event of an accident. Being dressed in the right gear is a safety issue for people who ride motorcycles.

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The most important piece of riding gear for a motorcyclist is obviously the motorcycle helmet. Using proper head protection can mean the difference in having a cracked skull or just a bump on the head. There are some things that riders need to consider when choosing a helmet.

Things to consider when choosing a helmet:
BSI kite mark on helmet- This mark ensures that the helmet meets UK safety standards.
The fit- Riders should make sure that the helmet is not putting excess pressure on the forehead or ears. Riders can test this by trying on a helmet and wearing it for a few minutes.
Shell material- In choosing a helmet, riders should look for helmets that have a durable shell. The helmets with more durable shells will cost more than other helmets; however, in the event of an accident the higher price would be worth it.

In addition to protecting the head, a motorcyclist needs to consider protection for the hands and the feet. A good set of gloves and a good pair of boots are essential for adequate hand and feet protection. Motorcycle riders should not forget about their extremities when dressing for a ride.

Motorcycle riders also should consider protection for their lower body when choosing riding gear. For this protection, there are leathers and textiles. Depending upon a rider’s individual preference or needs, a rider could choose to use either one. Leathers look good, are durable, and provide a good shield of protection for the rider. Whereas textiles help keep a rider dry in wet weather.

Helmets, boots, gloves, and leathers or textiles are all pieces of motorcycle gear people who venture out on the highways on a motorcycle, but let us not leave out the classic piece of motorcycle gear, the motorcycle jacket. The jacket provides protection for the upper torso, and also can add to a bikers look. When choosing a jacket, a motorcyclist should consider the type of riding that they will be doing, and the weather where they will be riding.

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Things that should be considered in choosing a motorcycle jacket:
Melting point- In choosing a jacket, riders should look at the label to see if the liner has a high melting point.
CE EN 13595 label- If the jacket is from Europe, jackets with this label comply with EU standards for impact, abrasion, cut resistance, and burst resistance.
Dropped stitches- Make sure there are not any dropped stitches in the seams.

To conclude, of course, there is much more to be said about motorcycle riding gear. This is just a few motorcycle-clothing tips for those who are considering climbing on a motorcycle and hitting the highway. Having the right gear can make for happy riding.

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