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Buying Guide – Motorcycle Jackets

There are a few things everyone should look for when buying the best motorcycle jacket since there are so many choices out there. Below are just a few things you should keep in mind when buying a motorcycle jacket.

The first, and foremost important tip when it comes to buying a motorcycle jacket is to buy one that complies with all the safety standards. This includes, but is not limited to abrasion, impact, cut and burst resistance. If you live in Europe, finding these jackets are easy. All you need to is look for the characters CE EN 13595. You will most likely find them on the inside of the jacket. Some popular places to look are the shoulder, elbow, or even the back. If you find this label, you will be ensured that your jacket passed all the safety tests.

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Next, you need to decide on which fabric best suites you. There are several different types of materials that motorcycle jackets are made of. Of coarse, the most popular among motorcyclist is leather. Many people choose leather motorcycle jackets because they love the look and feel. They also choose them because they breathe better in the summer, calling for a more comfortable ride. However, if you choose leather make sure that you get one that is big enough to wear something underneath it in the winter. Two other materials you could choose are mesh or textile jackets. These jackets provide nice ventilation in the summer months, however make sure the jacket is the right size to prevent flapping in the wind.

Once you decide on the type of fabric you want your motorcycle jacket, you need to consider how it is made. Some things to check are the seams and the lining. You want to make sure you lining has a high melting point, while there are not drop stitches in your seams. Also, make sure all of the zips are covered. Checking these important features in a motorcycle jacket could help keep you protected in case of an accident.

The last thing you need to do is purchase your jacket. Motorcycle jackets have a wide range when it comes to pricing. Leather jackets could run from £80 and £540, while textile and mesh jackets could run between £65 and £270. Choosing your jacket based on the safety features, style, material, and price will make your decision much easier.