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Motorcycle Security Advice

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Buying a motorcycle is a big investment for most people. Not only financially, but emotionally. People tend to get attached to their motorcycles, so keeping it safe is very important. There are many things you could do to keep your motorcycle secure, whether you choose one or all of the options is up to you. Below are just a few things to keep in mind when securing your motorcycle and making sure you have the best anti theft measures in place.

First, you need to know what is available today. Luckily, there are many different options when it comes to keeping your bike secure. You could choose between mechanical or electronic motorcycle security. If you are extra cautious, you may choose both.

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Mechanical security are things that you can put on your motorcycle yourself, such as bolts, locks or chains. When choosing this type of security you need to keep in mind that some things may easily be removed, such as a disc lock. When locking up your bike there are a few things you should always do. First, make sure the lock is off the ground, this will make it harder for the lock to be smashed off. Second, make sure the chain is not put through your wheel. Many thieves do not want the whole bike, but just want to take the parts. Lastly, lock your bike to something that cannot be moved at all. This will make it a lot harder for a thief to take it.

Electronic motorcycle security is also available. The best option is to get both an alarm and an immobilizer. When choosing which system to get there are a few things that are great to have. For example, you want a system that has a warrant, low current drain, and possibly offers roadside assistance. Also, you should look for a system that has text or pager ability. This will notify you if anything were to happen to your motorcycle.

Do not think that just because you're parked outside your home that your vehicle is safe. In fact, 80% of motorcycles are stolen from owners garages or homes. With this in mind, it is very smart to invest in a ground anchor for your bike. You could also mark your motorcycle with special pens. This will help in case your bike does get stolen. This should an extra step to securing your motorcycle, as you cannot rely on it alone.

Even though you may have installed the proper security for your bike, there is still a chance it could be stolen. Getting your motorcycle insured is one thing that can help you if this were to happen. This will help identify your bike from the thieves and is used my many police.

Other things that you can do to help prevent your bike from paper writers for hire being stolen are quite simple. Steps such as covering up your bike, engaging in your steering lock, or just making it look like your bike would be hard to steal, are just a few more things that can help save your motorcycle.