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Whether you're a full-time commuter or a long distance motorcycle tourer, Takachi can offer something to suit your needs and at a price that suits your budget.

There's a bit of a stigma attached to low-price helmet manufacturers, and for no good reason. All helmets sold in the UK market are required to pass crash and safety tests, and it's impossible to find an unsafe helmet when you're buying new. The real utility of a motorcycle helmet comes down to its ability to withstand a high impact crash, and all helmets sold at reputable UK dealers are required to meet this standard. Don't worry about your safety when you're in a low price helmet, as they all meet the standards for sale in the UK.

Pinlock Visor Lens G mac Nitro Takachi Syko Swift Motorcycle Helmets Shield
Pinlock Visor Lens G mac Nitro Takachi Syko Swift Motorcycle Helmets Shield
Pinlock Visor Lens G mac Nitro Takachi Syko Swift Motorcycle Helmets Shield
Time Remaining: 22d 22h 59m
Buy It Now for only: $32.94

Takachi offer very high quality helmets for their price point, and are popular amongst beginner riders. Those who've grown up on Arai and AGV helmets will likely see a noticeable decrease in build quality, however it's amongst the periphery parts rather than the helmet itself. Throughout the ultra low price helmets, the thickness and construction quality of the visors can range from flimsy and brittle to relatively solid. This can be an issue for those that spend a lot of time riding with their visor switching between up and down, such as inner city riders, and those who spend a lot of time riding in highly sunny weather. If you're planning on spending a lot of time riding into the sun, a replacement UV visor might be a sound investment.

Other than that, Takachi provide very high quality and highly protective motorcycle helmets. At a price point that's hard to match, and with a variety of colours and designs are available, they seem like the perfect option for beginner and budget conscious motorcyclists that are looking for the best match of low price and high quality. Whether you're a work-and-back commuter or a long distance motorcycle tourer, give Takachi helmets a look when you're next searching for a low cost motorcycle helmet. Alongside rival manufacturer Nitro it's difficult to see anyone that could come close to matching the value for money that these helmets offer.

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